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Kaohsiung City Givernment , Construction Office Pubilic Works Bureau

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The Demonstration of the Public Works results is an important indicator of the advanced city. Construction Office is one of the Public Works construction team under Kaohsiung City Government, responsible for planning of Kaohsiung’s roads, bridges, tunnels, squares and public buildings, and efforts to practice the politics related to the construction of public works during the ran for mayor, live up to Mayor's Public works politics promise and citizens entrusted to the City team of the mission.

In recent years, Kaohsiung devoted to harbor’s reconstruction. The “Asia's New Bay Area” plan, which consist of “Kaohsiung Exhibition Center”, “Kaohsiung Maritime Culture & Pop Music Center”, “Kaohsiung Public Library” and other three indicative construction. The total construction funds over 15 billion dollars, and connects by light rail system. Those large-scale public construction will make Kaohsiung jumped to Asia's world-class city, and will attract foreign investment and business immigration.

Construction Office is spares no effort to create ecology, life and production space, and win the International livable city (Liveable Communities) for three years in a row. In 2011, won the built project by “National Stadium”, “Cueihua Rd. bike lanes dedicated bridge”, “Hou-Jin River remediation and Yi Qun Landscape Bridge” is arranged a gold medal, Bronze Award and other awards. In 2012, with "Xiaolin Village Memorial Park", "Kaohsiung City Dadong Arts Center" to get one gold, one silver and other awards respectively, 2013 is the next level, with " Kaohsiung Exhibition Center ", "Cijin shoreline protection project", "Sidel Riga bridge", " Cianjhen Star bike bridge" for Kaohsiung City won three gold and a silver, a total of four awards for outstanding achievements, let Kaohsiung became an international star again.

Forward-looking, macro vision of municipal public works construction planning, and responsible attitude to perform municipal public works construction, is the department colleagues encouraged each other and look to implement the requirements of execution. The construction that implemented by our department at this stage, are as follow these guidelines, so that the project could period in both security and economic and as qualitative, timely completion; through the achievement of the construction to show the rich city of Kaohsiung aesthetic features and development potential.

The Office 103 annual policy outline:
1. Planning the construction of “Kaohsiung Maritime Culture & Pop Music Center”, to show the unique cultural characteristics of Kaohsiung, creating new tourism environment and quality of music arts space in southern Taiwan, drive around the development of creative industries.
2. Construction, “New construction activities of Kaohsiung Public Library” accelerating force to enhance the future of education in Kaohsiung, competitiveness, to construct a new landmark in the city to read.
3. Acceleration construction of “Zuoying Branch jointly office”, improve administrative efficiency, to protect public life and property safety.
4. Build stately naive “Cijin Life Memorial” to provide high quality public funeral and integration of regional landscape environment, improve the overall environmental quality in Kaohsiung Cijin areas.
5. Build “Mino arts academy education Pavilion” to enhance the learning environment sustainability Hakka culture, become Mino area where cultural development platform and diversified activities.
6. Construction of “Liugui Branch Police Department Office Building” to enhance administrative efficiency and maintain public law and order, and the other can play during the flood emergency relief and communications command functions.
7. Construction of the road system to improve convenience, speed handle bridge rebuilding and improving the living area of traffic bottlenecks, effectively relieve traffic congestion, promote population, the introduction of industries, balanced overall urban development.
8. Combining both the bike paths, bike lanes interesting build diverse systems, tandem bicycle road network Kaohsiung area, the implementation of energy saving and carbon reduction, enhance the quality of life of the people.