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Civil Engineering Design Section
Planning Design And Construction Of Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Harbor, Waterfront, Square, etc.
Tel: +886-7-3353943 
Building Design Section
Planning Design And Construction Of Public Construction Projects, Any other job assigned by the higher authorities or school entrusted to handle Of Construction Projects.
Tel: +886-7-3373274
Electromechanical Section
Electromechanical the engineering, air conditioning, elevators, plumbing, fire protection and other projects. And Design of roads, bridges and tunnels lamp and electrical engineering review, construction supervision and supervision, completion and acceptance issues.
Tel: +886-7-3373286
Civil Engineering Construction Section
Construction of roads, bridges and tunnels, harbor, waterfront, squares and other engineering, assessment testing, inspection, acceptance and formulation, planning, supervision, promote health and safety management and other matters.
Tel: +886-7-3317886
Building Construction Section
The construction of public buildings, estimated inspection, testing, inspection and other matters.
Tel: +886-7-3314341
Property Management Section
Roads, squares and other land acquisition, no open roads and squares of the city of land management, planimetric compensation demolition, engineering investigation levy benefit costs, manage IT equipment and systems maintenance and other related matters.
Tel: +886-7-3373279
The engineering contract, sugarcane service, cashier, property, research and evaluation, legal, seals, documents and archives management and to manage the matters of not belong other department.
Tel: +886-7-3373291
Procurement Subsection:+886-7-3373289 (Address:6F., No.2, Siwei 3rd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.) )
Tendering Room:+886-7-3368333 # 2341 (Address:6F., No.2, Siwei 3rd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.))
Personnel Office
According to the law transact personnel manage matter.
Tel: +886-7-3373282
Accounting Office
1.Transact of budge
2.Transact of budget allotments
3.Funds expended visa control
4. Examine source document and compile of subpoena
5.Bookkeeping treatment
6.All types of accounting statements compile
7. Integration of funds reserve
8. Analysis sheet of major plan enforce achievements
9.Manage of accounting documents、subpoena、book
10. Compile the various statistical reports and tables of amendments and other matters
11.Other matters assigned temporary
Tel: +886-7-3373285
Civil Service Ethics Office
According to the law transact civil service matter.
Tel: +886-7-3314162‧3368333 # 2345
PO Box:P.O.BOX 2-00444 Kaohsiung City 80299 Taiwan ( R.O.C.)